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Garlic Texas Toast Skewers

Get your skewer on this summer with this 3-ingredient app!

Summertime skewers are perfect for outdoor entertaining. They are quick to assemble before hand, have little prep work, and are an easy finger food for your guests to pick up and munch on.

This 3-ingredient appetizer is so simple to make, and it’s guaranteed to impress! You’ll need three things: Furlani Garlic Texas Toast, baby tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella cheese. And it will delight all the vegetarians. All Furlani products are vegetarian.

So fire up the grill for this easy skewer recipe!




If using frozen Furlani Garlic Texas Toast, remove from freezer and allow a few slices to thaw out.


Place slices of toast on the grill over medium heat.


Grill for 15-30 seconds on each side or until golden brown.


Allow to cool and gently cut the toast into cubes.


Slide the cubes of garlic toast, baby tomatoes, and mozzarella on to the skewers.


Sprinkle basil leaves on top before serving and enjoy!

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