Furlani Egg in a Hole

Our garlic toast is the star in this recipe.
For this week’s creation, we’re making “egg in a hole” also known as “egg in a basket”, ”toad in the hole”, “gashouse eggs”, “a hole in one” or “spit in the ocean”. Whatever you call it; this dish is delish!

We’ve swapped your regular breakfast toast with our Garlic Texas Toast for extra flavour.



Kitchen Equipment
– A cookie cutter
– A spatula
– A frying pan



Before you begin, pull out the garlic toast from the fridge/freezer. If you are using frozen toast, let it sit for about 5 minutes (it’s actually a bit easier to cut out the middle this way).


Once thawed a bit, use the cookie cutter (in this example we used a star – tis the season after all!) to cut out a hole in the toast. Keep the cut out of toast. Set a side.


Put a few drops of oil in the pan. Turn the burner on low, as you don’t want your toast to burn/stick.


Once oil is heated, place the garlic toast and the cut out of toast in the pan. Let it cook for a minute or two.


Next flip over the toast and toast cut out. Add a drop of oil into the hole you cut out and crack the egg into it. Cook for two minutes or when you see the egg turning white.


Then flip again and add a few more drops of oil so it doesn’t stick. Leave for a minute or longer depending on how you like your eggs.


That’s it! Now you have the cutest breakfast ever. Serve right away. For an extra kick, add a sprinkle of ground pepper.

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