Ask Furlani Foods

Our Furlani Family Faves are available in the instore bakery section and/or in the frozen foods aisle. We have listed our retailers for your convenience. Kindly check your local grocery store for product availability.

All Furlani products are suitable for a lacto-vegetarian diet. More details here.

Currently, our products are not certified kosher or halal. However, they are vegetarian. Learn more here.

Our products contain wheat, soy, and milk.

We do not add peanuts or tree nuts to our products. However, we cannot guarantee that our facility or our suppliers are 100% peanut or tree nut free. Please err on the side of caution and avoid our products if you or a loved one have a severe allergy.

Frozen Furlani Products

Furlani manufactures a wide variety of garlic bread products designed for sale from the grocery freezer. Product varieties include garlic Texas toast, garlic bread, knots, soft rolls, breadsticks, and biscuits. All products are fully baked and designed to be kept frozen until reheated by the consumer. The frozen shelf life of these products is 12 months from the day they are made.

Furlani Bakery Products (Available on bakery shelves)

Furlani manufactures several fully baked garlic bread products intended for sale in the bakery department. These items should be kept in a dry and cool place. Our products are shipped from our facility to retail grocery stores in a frozen condition. They are then thawed and sold at room temperature (70°F or 21°C) by grocery retailers. These products have an ambient sale shelf life of 7 days. Please read the Expiry / Best Before Date sticker that is placed on the bag by the store. If you buy Furlani products from the refrigerator, the shelf life of these products is extended to 14 days. Alternatively, you can freeze these items when you bring them home – and will be good for up to 12 months.

Furlani products contain microbial enzymes which are most commonly used in bread making to help the dough rise, making the bread bigger and softer and keeping it fresher for longer. Microbial enzymes can also be found in the cheeses Furlani uses for our products that have cheese. These enzymes break down the milk protein, separating the milk into solids (curds) and liquid (whey) to make cheese.

Furlani uses plant-sourced mono – and diglycerides sourced from soybean and/or palm oil.

We pride ourselves on delicious products made with high quality ingredients. They contain palm oil because it is the best option to ensure our products have the right texture, mouth feel, and stability. Furlani Foods’ policy is to ensure that we conduct operations in an honest, ethical and legal manner. Furlani is a member of, and is certified by, the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), a non-governmental organization, which promotes the growth and use of sustainable palm oil through global standards and engagement.

Our cartons are made from paper; Bake-in-Bags are made of metalized PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic; plastic bags are made of LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) plastic; and plastic films are made from a mixture of polyethylene terephthalate/propylene plastics.  Plastics eligible for entering the recyclability stream need to be washed and dried to remove any food residue prior to binning. Recycling programs differ by city/municipality, so always check your local recycling program’s capabilities and material inclusion eligibility.

They’re perfect for conventional oven preparation but not suitable for toaster ovens. This packaging material is unique in that it is not only recyclable under code 1, but it is also fully oven ready. It is specifically manufactured to allow baking temperatures of up to a maximum of 410°F. This metallic film maintains the integrity of the product inside (level of crispiness and flavour) and safely allows the product inside to be heated right in the bag.

Furlani Foods strives to improve the standard for quality and food safety continuously by maintaining Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Principles. We have implemented a Food Safety and Quality Culture with total quality management system (SQF Food Safety and Quality), which is independently audited by a certified international auditing agency.