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We know you’ll love this football appetizer. Texas Toast Football Sandwiches are perfect game day snacks you can munch on while watching the big game. Who can resist Texas Toast Garlic Bread and cheese slices? Game on!




Prepare Furlani Texas Toast according to packaging instructions. Cool for 2-3 minutes.


Using a cookie cutter or a knife, cut the deli meats and cheddar cheese slices into football shapes.


Place the meat slices on top of toasts and cheddar cheese on top of meat slices.


To create the football laces – cut the mozzarella cheese slices into short, thin straight lines. For the white stripes around each end of the football – use the side of the football cookie cutter to cut out oval-shaped lines of the mozzarella cheese.


Arrange these decorative elements on top of the cheddar cheese to create the lines and laces.


Place toasts on a serving plate and enjoy the game!

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