22 Feb, 2022   •   Community

Take Your Summer Up A Notch With These Simple Grilling Tips!

We love the thrill of the sizzle! Cooking on the BBQ can really bring out new flavours in your food. We’ve got some grilling tips and tricks that will help you get the perfect char on our Furlani bread products this season!

  1. Start off with a clean grate. Make sure you give the grill a good scrub with a grill brush to ensure there’s no leftover food.
  2. Keep the lid on. Cooking with the lid on not only cooks your food more evenly but it also brings out the smokey flavours.
  3. Reduce the amount of flips you do. Try to leave the food to fully cook on one side before flipping to reduce it sticking to the grill. In addition, don’t press down on the food as it will allow moisture to escape resulting in drier meat.
  4. Avoid overcooking meat by removing right before it’s fully cooked. Food continues to cook even off the grill and goes up around 5 degrees. If you’re not sure when the right time to remove your food from the grill is, invest in a meat thermometer or timer.
  5. Let your meat rest without cutting it for 5-15 minutes after removing from the grill. This allows the juices to redistribute throughout for a juicier bite!
  6. Last but certainly not least, try cooking our Garlic Bread loaf or Garlic Texas Toast on the grill! It will have a nice crisp bite on the outside while the inside is still soft. Place frozen slices uncovered on a medium-hot grill rack. Grill for 1-2 minutes on each side or until golden brown. Enjoy as is or add your favourite toppings such as cheese or bruschetta.

We hope you have a great cookout season! Don’t forget to share your recipes with us on Facebook or Instagram.