15 Mar, 2022   •   Community

Can I Bake Furlani “Bake-In-Bag” Products in the bag?

Yes, you can bake Furlani “Bake-In-Bag” products in the bag

  • Our “Bake-in-Bag” items are sold in a foil bag made of heat-resistant packaging called “ovenable” which is specially made for oven baking
  • Look for the “Bake-In-Bag” symbol on the front of our Bread Knots packaging
  • Super simple, quick, and easy to make by following the heating instructions on the back of our packaging
  • Bake the knots, soft rolls, or biscuits right in the bag you bought them in! No mess or fuss!”

Furlani Bake In Bag Knots are sold in a special heat-resistant bag