15 Mar, 2022   •   Community

Can I Bake Furlani “Bake-In-Bag” Products in the bag?

Yes, you can bake Furlani “Bake-In-Bag” products in the bag

  • Our “Bake-in-Bag” items are sold in a foil bag made of heat-resistant packaging called “ovenable” which is specially made for oven baking
  • Look for the “Bake-In-Bag” symbol on the front of our Bread Knots, Soft Rolls, and Aged Cheddar & Garlic Biscuits packaging
  • Super simple, quick, and easy to make by following the heating instructions on the back of our packaging
  • Bake the knots, soft rolls, or biscuits right in the bag you bought them in! No mess or fuss!”

Furlani Bake In Bag Knots, Soft Rolls, and Aged Cheddar Biscuits are sold in a special heat-resistant bag